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Serving today's investors requires a deep understanding of their needs and expectations, plus a mastery of the tools that can be leveraged to meet their needs. Firms often miss the opportunity to be trailblazers in lucrative markets because they fail to listen to the voice of the customer in an unbiased and effective manner. Through actionable insights and renowned expertise, our solutions empower you to deliver on the growing demand for tailored products and professional client service, today and into the future.

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The J.D. Power Wealth Management Platform is comprised of modules addressing distinct investor styles, their channel-level experiences and the advisors who serve them. This platform is powered by the voices of over 21,000 investors and advisors per year, a collection of nearly 20 years of useful feedback and an unrivaled team of industry, digital and customer experience experts.

Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study explores the drivers of investor satisfaction and provides a benchmark of excellence for each factor studied. The research reveals dynamics that drive satisfaction among several types of investors such as portfolio size and trading activity. The study equips you with a broad understanding of how your full-service investment firm can improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and advocacy.

U.S. Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study

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Self-Directed Investor Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Self-Directed Investor Satisfaction Study examines investor satisfaction with self-directed investment platforms. The study provides you with critical insights into the needs, expectations, and desires of today’s self-directed investors. Your subscription will help you to identify best practices for improving satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and advocacy. You will also be empowered with an understanding of dynamics—such as portfolio size and trading activity—that drive satisfaction among several types of investors.

Self-Directed Investor Satisfaction Study

Financial Advisor Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Financial Advisor Satisfaction Study helps wealth management firms understand how effectively they are serving their affiliated financial advisors. Delivering a financial advisor experience that maximizes both loyalty and productivity is critical for success, given the risk of dissatisfied advisors taking your firm’s clients to a competitor. Your subscription will help you understand and leverage the dynamics that drive satisfaction among different types of advisors.

Financial Advisor Satisfaction Study

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Retirement Plan Digital Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Retirement Plan Participant Satisfaction Study evaluates the needs and expectations of today’s retirement account investors and measures customer satisfaction with 401k provider services. Delivering a superior experience can help your company in many ways: it can positively influence plan sponsor decisions, drive brand awareness and promotion, and affect rollover decisions when employees leave their jobs.

Retirement Plan Satisfaction Study

Advisor Online Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Advisor Online Experience Study explores financial advisor perceptions of the digital experience delivered by third- party investment managers via website, email, mobile, social media, and other key channels. Your study subscription includes analysis of how these channels can most effectively complement personal interactions (e.g., wholesalers) to drive brand impressions, product consideration and increased investment. Critical topics like brand, marketing, practice management, wholesalers, range and quality of products, and pricing.

Advisor Online Experience Study

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Wealth Management Digital Experience

The J.D. Power Wealth Management Digital Experience pinpoints the critical dimensions of satisfaction among users of wealth mobile apps. Subscribing to the study will help you understand and apply the key best practices that drive high satisfaction and engagement with mobile apps. This new study will guide your optimization efforts and provide insight into ease of use and key app functionality.

Wealth Management Digital Experience

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