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Reduce ordering complexity

We have extensive experience in building complex vehicle ordering systems that support multiple users such as dealer and fleet companies. Our configuration engine is at the core of our technology and accounts for the millions of variables while building light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles. Our technology makes the process of building orderable commercial and retail vehicles a breeze. Users can configure a vehicle with all ordering options such as drivetrain, technical specifications, color, optional equipment, pricing and more. Our solution produces an order-accurate vehicle which can then be quickly submitted to an OEM ordering system.

We have the most powerful and versatile configurator in the industry, and we’re actively improving the build-and-price customer experience. In addition to these enhancements, our technology solutions lend themselves to considerable Infrastructure cost savings.

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Powerful calculations, easy interface

For superior accuracy, we use OEM-sourced data, equipment compatibility logic and automatic price calculations, all in an easy-to-use interface. Industry-standard calculations ensure compatibility between available equipment and the base vehicle. Additionally, aftermarket upfitting allows for third party equipment combinations. 

We can create unique experiences based on diverse criteria all within the same application. Our solutions are fully customizable, such as the ability to focus shoppers on the dealer’s current inventory by allowing them add or subtract equipment from specific VINs.

Features and benefits

We provide a complete solution that integrates all aspects of a vehicle sale including configuration, inventory, monthly payment estimates, accessories, aftermarket opportunities and more.

  • Reduce hassle and ensure compliance with industry-standard automatic calculations
  • Supports the use case of stocked inventory vehicles or building custom vehicles for individual customers
  • Select aftermarket upfitting with automatic alerts ensures compatibility with additional equipment and third-party products
J.D. Power Autodata Vehicle Spec Ordering Build Now

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