Introducing J.D. Power VANTAGE

Incentives planning. Optimized.

J.D. Power Vantage

VANTAGE is a revolutionary digital application that leverages J.D. Power’s award-winning predictive analytics to deliver the insights OEM clients need to make smarter, faster and more informed incentive decisions.

VANTAGE enables incentives planning users to integrate their internal data with J.D. Power proprietary PIN data and advanced AI in a secure environment.

J.D. Power Vantage Incentive Planning Pillars

J.D. Power VANTAGE Helps:

Minimize incentives

By enabling OEMs to apply optimal incentive tactics quickly, J.D. Power VANTAGE helps target every dollar of incentives spend, minimizing costs and taking the effectiveness of incentives to the next level. 

Maximize sales

By modeling incentive scenarios in real-time, J.D. Power VANTAGE delivers immediately actionable tactics – taking them from the last line of defense to a key component of future optimized sales strategies.

Maximize profitability

By helping minimize incentives and maximize sales, J.D. Power VANTAGE is the clear path to increased profitability.

J.D. Power Vantage

J.D. Power VANTAGE Key Features:

Vantage enables

  • Live scenario analysis with our digital application

  • Incentives scenarios to simultaneously share across teams, facilitating seamless collaboration and faster decision making

  • Combination of data with in-depth, comprehensive industry data from J.D. Power for the most accurate scenario analysis

    J.D. Power Vantage Incentive Planning

    Secure interface ensures any data you use in your scenario planning can only be accessed by you and your team

    J.D. Power Vantage Incentive Planning

    Powered by J.D. Power PIN; the largest proprietary transactional retail database in the automotive industry

    J.D. Power Vantage Incentive Planning

    Granularity enables you to model the precise incentives deployments for your specific situation:

    • Vehicle (Down to specific series and model)
    • Time (Monthly, mid-month, specific time range)
    • Geographic granularity (national, regional, market level modeling)
    J.D. Power Vantage Incentive Planning

    Experts You Can Count On

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    Thomas King
    President, Data & Analytics and Chief Product Officer
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    Tyson Jominy
    Vice President, Automotive Data & Analytics
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    Srini Rajagopalan
    Managing Director, Automotive Advisory & Analytics
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    Tony Salerno
    Managing Director, Automotive Advisory & Analytics
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