Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study

As the demands of business utility customers continue to evolve, understanding their experiences is imperative to increasing their satisfaction with their utilities. Business customers expect reliable power, fair rates, easy-to-use payment options, excellent customer service and that their utility is involved in the community. Listening to the Voice of the Customer is the first step in targeting performance improvement initiatives that may increase overall customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The J.D. Power Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction StudySM measures business customers’ satisfaction with large and midsize electric utility companies across four U.S. geographic regions: East, Midwest, South and West. The study examines satisfaction across six factors: Power Quality and Reliability; Billing and Payment; Price; Communications; Corporate Citizenship; and Customer Contact.

The study allows utilities to:

  • Measure critical components that drive overall satisfaction among business utility customers
  • Identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of electric utilities overall and by size
  • Align strategic planning and improvement initiatives with core business customer desires and needs

The Benefits

A study subscription will provide access to the tools you need to gain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how your utility company is performing and to identify areas that need improvement.

Deliverables include:

  • A management discussion that provides insights into key industry trends and study findings, allowing your utility to understand current performance and prioritize improvement initiatives
  • Access to competitive data sets, allowing a comparison with your peer utilities, the industry and the highest performers
  • An impact simulator built around your utility’s performance on industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), modeling the impact of one or multiple performance improvement initiatives on customer satisfaction initiatives
  • Net Promoter Score®— an independent measurement of NPS, which includes the brand-level Net Promoter Score® and verbatims, an NPS rank chart and verbatim text analytics


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