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Today’s automotive market is not the same as the market of the past. Shoppers no longer go from dealership to dealership looking for the perfect vehicle, and the majority of research is now done online. In this highly competitive market, dealers need a premium third-party lead service to generate high-quality leads. 

SmartLeads’ patented Buyer Intention Engine scores leads for purchase intent to provide our dealers with the best third-party leads in the industry. With 80% of all auto buyers visiting third-party sites as they search for their next vehicles, you can’t afford to miss out on these critical sales. Our best-in-class third-party lead program yields two times the close rates of our competitors. In addition to being the best closing third-party automotive lead program in the industry, our solution is remarkably affordable, and we offer complete transparency into lead source and performance. We are proud to be the only provider of scored leads based on buyer profile, and we offer a no-questions-asked credit return policy.

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The Clear Leader of Third-Party Leads in the Industry

The features of our SmartLeads program are unmatched in the world of automotive, and the program is known throughout the industry for its quality and ease of use. Here are few of the things we offer that our competitors do not:

SmartLeads Scoring Technology: We use comprehensive data mining combined with statistical predictive modeling to determine whether or not each lead has been submitted from a shopper with genuine intent to purchase.

Total Transparency: User-friendly metric reports clearly identify where each and every lead originates, so dealers and consultants understand where the lead originated.

No Questions Asked Credit Policy: A dealer can return any lead for any reason through a dealer-controlled portal that allows them to customize lead settings, request and track credits and set budgets in real-time.

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Features and Benefits

  • 2x close rates over any other aggregator for third-party leads
  • Only provider of scored leads based on buyer profile
  • No-questions-asked credit policy
  • Most stringent contact validation in the industry
  • Complete dealer customization
  • Complete transparency with lead source and performance

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