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Connect Shoppers with Superior Retail and Sales Platforms Through Our Certified Digital Solutions

With an endless assortment of companies advertising their digital products and services, selecting the right ones for your business can be a daunting task. Which possess the best technology? Which have the best data? Which can be relied upon as stable collaborators into the future, and which provide solutions that truly advance your mission of digital modernization?

J.D. Power SmartDigitalSM is a suite of digital retailing products based on our world-class technology and industry-leading data. These key elements build a foundation for seamless experiences from brand to retail.

J.D. Power SmartDigital Products and Services

You’re in the driver seat. You know where your business is excelling and where it could be doing better. That’s why we offer a broad range of products and services to help bridge the gaps within your existing retail environment. All products are fully configurable, and we can integrate any of our products and services into your program for a quick launch. J.D. Power data and IT-enabled solutions are included as required.

Browse our three categories of digital retailing products below, with descriptions of each individual product.

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Program Analytics & Performance Management

  • Digital Spend Optimization – Measure online advertising efficiencies (vendor & channel) regardless of lead submission
  • Search Engine Marketing Recommender – Objective evaluation and recommended allocation of digital funds
  • Actionable Insights – Across all facets of digital performance and partner accountability with advanced visualizations
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Lead Management & Optimization

  • ELMS-Lead Management System – Enables consolidating, scoring, deduping and routing of leads based on selected business rules
  • Lead Enrichment – Data augmentation to leads, utilizing consumer journey insights and recommended messages/next best action
  • Unsold Leads – Programmatic recontact of non-converted leads and new-to-the area shoppers
  • Third-Party Lead Buying and Scoring – Logic-driven lead sourcing and scoring that yields two times the close rates of our competitors
  • Lead Sourcing on JDpower.com Access consumer leads sold into lead third-party lead programs
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Merchandising & Ad Technology for Dealers

  • ChromeData Certified Inventory – Management and syndication of accurate inventory vehicle data, pricing and incentives
  • EV Showcase – Electric Vehicle buying guides and Information widgets, including video content to guide shoppers in the new world of EVs all in one spot
  • Video-Enabled Campaigns – Display and email campaigns utilizing video to boost attention and interest
  • VIN-Specific Inventory Images – VIN image service used to speed up posting merchandise while in-transit and in augmentation of live images
  • Digital Content Library – Dynamic and personalized ad creative for use by dealer agencies and dealers
  • Dynamic Inventory Video Ads – Inventory ad units loaded with data-rich content, specific to the features on the exact VIN

Do you have specific digital needs to address? We assist industry players with some of the biggest pain points within their current digital platforms.

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The Strength of J.D. Power Data and Customer Insights

As part of the J.D. Power family, we have direct access to some of the most highly coveted data and resources in the automotive industry, including ChromeData, the Power Information Network (PIN), J.D. Power Valuation Services and beyond. As part of J.D. Power, we have over 50 years’ experience analyzing and understanding consumer sentiment across multiple industries, knowledge we have used to help some of the world’s best-known brands improve their products and customer journeys – and knowledge we stand ready to depend on as we help you create the ultimate digital experiences.

We Take Pride in our Service and Security

By working with J.D. Power SmartDigital, you’ll be going right to the source of the data and resources underpinning your product or service. If questions arise, we are able to provide answers, insights and solutions faster and more efficiently than the industry standard. Through our vast experience working with highly sensitive information, we have developed robust security and data protection protocols, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind now and into the future.

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Marianne Tappy
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Kim Irwin
Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy
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