Data-Driven Video That Fuels the Purchase Journey

As a pioneer in personalized, data-driven video experiences, we provide dynamic and interactive products for dealers that maximize customer engagement and optimize the shopping experience. Innovated from our visual assets and proven data technology, our UnityWorks product suite highlights the highest value and most sought-after features of a vehicle and redefines how to communicate with today’s car shoppers—leading to more traffic, engagement and sales.

Why UnityWorks?

  • We’re the only certified provider 100% focused on video marketing
  • Delivered over 50,000 dealer specific campaigns in 2022
  • High-quality, affordable video ad units delivered at the speed of retail
  • Support thousands of dealers and 20 automotive brands
  • Leader in personalized data-driven video experiences – voice, video and text
  • Fuel lifecycle marketing programs (sales and service) for 5,000+ dealers and 9 brands
  • Proficient in one-stop Retail Ad Studio creation for any brand
  • Provide professional sales and service video footage to supplement brand content
  • Create custom short-form mobile ad content for TikTok, Facebook/Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts

Video Content

Our in-house video content and development services allow us to help automotive dealers promote their brand and sell their inventory and services. We provide high-quality, brand compliant video content and vehicle merchandising tools to support digital video campaigns, personalized video experiences and improve the dealer website consumer experience. Our Retail Ad Studio is a one-stop shop for all digital and video content for automotive dealers.

What We Offer

  • EV Video Showcase
  • Retail Ad Studio - Enterprise Solution for Brands
  • TikTok Content Studio
  • Model & VIN Video Content
  • Full Line Model Video Showcase
  • Full Motion & 360 Video
  • Certified Inventory Images & Descriptions
  • Service & Dealership Content
  • Dealer Brand Videos


Video Campaigns

We utilize our in-house content development services to create and serve dealer personalized and customized video campaigns on all leading digital media platforms. Our high-quality video campaigns have helped dealers improve their search performance, VDP views, leads, store visits and overall sales. Our video portfolio emotionally engages shoppers with vehicle-specific content that draws them to further interest and action.

What We Offer

  • Campaign Management Services
  • Custom Model & Dynamic Inventory Video Campaigns
  • Platform-Specific Video Content & Campaigns
  • Gravity Unsold Leads & New Movers Email Campaigns
  • OTT/Connected TV(CTV) & HD Broadcast Ads
  • Video Landing Pages
  • Amazon Life Event CTV Video Campaigns
  • Life Event Video Strategy


Personalized Video Experiences

Our content, production and technology allow us to create highly relevant, personalized video experiences. This dynamic capability enables sales or service video landing pages to render in real-time based on customer data, integrating tailored messages with customized offers to each individual. At the same time, we capture overall behavioral intelligence and specific customer data to drive analysis and follow-up communication.

What We Offer

  • Data-Driven Customized Landing Pages
  • Voice, Video & Text Personalization
  • Customer, Dealer, Model/Service Offers
  • Service Video Content Suite
  • Lifecycle Marketing Programs


Experts You Can Count On

Tim Copacia
Tim Copacia
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development
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Jeff Grice
Jeff Grice
Vice President, Strategic Development
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Tim Kost
Tim Kost
Vice President, Campaign Operations
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Thomas Pearce
Thomas Pearce
Senior Director, Interactive UX Strategy
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