Q&A: J.D. Power’s Tyson Jominy Offers a Look at What’s Ahead

What started out seeming to be just a small, downward blip quickly has turned into a rout. Last Sunday, U.S. car sales were off 36% and could be down 41% for the entire month of March, according to Tyson Jominy. But that’s just likely the start of a systemic shock from the coronavirus pandemic, warns the head of the J.D. Power PIN system.

Short for Power Information Network, it offers an inside look at the actual sales data thousands of U.S. car dealers are reporting in real time. And, Jominy said during a lengthy interview, the picture it reveals is deeply worrisome, the American automotive market likely to tumble over the next few months even more severely than it did during the Great Recession.

Jominy took some time to discuss what he’s seeing in the numbers, and whether there may be an upside for automakers and auto buyers at some point in the future.

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