Medicare Advantage Portals Show Promise

Over the course of our monthly insights series, we’ve discussed the prevalent issues surrounding member engagement across the healthcare spectrum. While there are multiple opportunities for improvement, we did want to point out a bright spot in the Medicare Advantage space:


Key Takeaway: Portal use is associated with higher levels of satisfaction and improved member engagement. With these promising usage stats, Medicare Advantage providers are in a great position to leverage this channel to improve information and communication – an area where plans continue to struggle. By putting strategies in place to focus on information and communication within digital channels, health plans can in turn improve member satisfaction and member health.

If you’re ready to start taking a closer look at improving your member engagement, let’s connect. We’ve recently begun working with Wishbone Club to explore the opportunities that exist in the digital healthcare engagement space, and we’re excited to discuss how improved digital platforms can improve the healthcare space overall. Now is the perfect time to start taking your digital experience to the next level.

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