Insurance During COVID-19: Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions 

INSURANCE DURING COVID-19: Consumer attitudes and perceptions tracks consumer sentiment weekly as the market uncertainty continues to grow and and carrier relationship expectations rapidly evolve. J.D. Power has partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics to provide greater context with a real-time, longitudinal view of auto insurance utilization. We hope that this helps to provide additional context into how rapidly and completely the US consumer has been transformed. Price has always been a high concern—it will become even more so as consumers refrain from driving, limit interactions and face growing economic uncertainty. We want to ensure that you and your leadership teams are as informed as possible. Please reach out to discuss any of these insights at your convenience. We are more than happy to provide additional detail or discuss our views on what this data means for markets and for consumers. We hope to do our part to help ensure your business continuity and crisis management protocols are a success.

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