The Commercial to Medicare Advantage Hand Off

As we prepare to publish the 2021 U.S. Medicare Advantage Study this month, we wanted to take a closer look at a concerning engagement trend that we explored when the 2021 U.S. Commercial Member Health Plan Study published last month. The results revealed that despite seeing some year-over-year improvement:

No Engagement with Health Plan - All Members
No Engagement with Health Plan - Boomers & Pre-Boomers

We know that engagement can have a positive impact on both satisfaction and member health, and we also know that improving engagement can also improve brand loyalty. As commercial health plan members transition towards a Medicare Advantage policy, it is important to maintain engagement and provide the information they need to seamlessly transition to their new plan.

Key Takeaway: There is an engagement gap that we are seeing across health plan providers. Focusing improvement efforts on information and communication can not only improve member health but also help maintain long-term brand loyalty when members are ready to transition to a Medicare Advantage plan.

We’re excited to see what other insights our Medicare Advantage Study will reveal when we publish on June 15. If you’re not yet a Medicare Advantage Study subscriber or would like to discuss the results of the recently published Member Health Plan Study, connect with us for details.

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