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For nearly three decades, the Power Information Network (PIN) has remained the largest source for retail transaction data. PIN assembles the broadest and deepest electronic point-of-sale data* from dealerships describing the sale, the vehicle, the buyer and the deal – and leverages industry-leading sales pricing and analytics, thereby providing the timeliest source of real-time buyer behavior.

Today, the industry’s premier source for data is delivered to clients through a single source: PIN+.

PIN+ provides real-time access to industry- leading data from across
J.D. Power within a fully customizable, intuitive visual user interface.

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PIN+ Data is Derived From...


participating franchises that together covers 42% of all U.S. and 25% of Canadian retail transactions

12 Million

new- and used- retail transactions per year examining 250+ metrics per vehicle transaction.

Real Time

transactions aggregated daily with results reflected in next business day reports

PIN+ Analytics and Solutions

PIN+ enables manufacturers, financial organizations, media/marketing and suppliers to leverage the foundational benefits of near-real-time transactional data through a set of tailored solutions that address critical business needs.

Market Diagnostics

On-demand analytics delivered through sophisticated BI tools

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Near Real Time Analytics

Analytics delivered at specified intervals

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Power of PIN data combined with J.D. Power experts and data scientists

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J.D. Power Automotive Products and Solutions

Market Diagnostics

On-demand analytics delivered through sophisticated BI tools

PIN Explorer®

A dynamic reporting tool that enables users to perform competitive analyses; track new-product introductions; conduct market comparisons; and isolate weaknesses and strengths. PIN Explorer® data covers over 250 key data observations for each new- and used-vehicle transaction.


  • Ability to quickly assess OEM data to help make informed and timely decisions
  • Keep track of the composition of market transactions on a daily basis
  • Collaborate between different functions using common data
  • Access to dashboard and reporting capabilities for highly efficient workflow

PIN Navigator®

A reporting tool that combines credit scores, new- and used-vehicle sales data, and financial transaction data on a daily basis by market and by nameplate. PIN Navigator® is designed to support the needs of the sales, marketing, pricing, risk and insurance departments of automotive finance lenders.

PIN Navigator provides lenders with 24/7 access to the most timely data available in the market and includes more than 70 contract, dealer, and lender variables updated daily. This is a “must have” in today’s competitive automotive financial marketplace.


  • Compare auto finance offerings to any competitor in customizable segments
  • Optimize price offerings to maximize volume and profitability
  • Understand areas of opportunity to expand your footprint 
  • Monitor the market in which you compete and alerts you to any pricing changes


A highly accurate and free online source for analytical tools and decision-support products that enable your dealership to compare your operation to your market region, improve your dealership profitability, and help you make effective business decisions. 

PowerDealer® is available to dealers enrolled in PIN. In addition to access to a full suite of dealer-specific and market-comparison reports designed by J.D. Power, PowerDealer® includes new and used vehicle sales tools as well as fixed operations tools. Learn more here and activate your free subscription. 

For a free demo, visit PowerDealer and use the following to access the site:

Login: pindemo
Password: pindemo


  • Stock only what is selling in your market today and cut your risk factors
  • Get a competitive edge. Know how your competition is stocking and selling new- and used-vehicles in your market

Analytical Solutions

Analytics delivered at specified intervals

PIN Retail Share

A weekly report that tracks changes in sales and market share in near real time to benchmark sales performance by segment, manufacturer, nameplate, and model against the previous year, month, or week. The report also includes forecasts of retail and fleet industry sales.


  • Compare sales and share to internal projections and targets throughout the month
  • Track effectiveness of incentive and sales strategies aimed to increase sales or share
  • Gain competitive insight and perspective of relative performance within the industry

PIN Incentive Spending & Customer-Facing Transaction Price

A weekly report that merges take rates with program offerings and provides complete transparency regarding how OEMs are spending money for incentive offers, as well as take rates and contribution to spend detailed for every incentive on every model in the industry.


  • Allows multiple datasets (share and trade-in data) to be merged to understand contribution to share from loyalty and conquest
  • Track performance of incentives targeting loyal or conquest customers
  • Gain competitive insight and perspective of relative performance within the industry


A PIN-exclusive weekly report combines the Model Level Share report with the actual vehicles traded in by new-vehicle buyers, providing an understanding of loyalty and conquest behavior.


  • Allows multiple datasets (share and trade-in data) to be merged to understand contribution to share from loyalty and conquest
  • Track performance of incentives targeting loyal or conquest customers
  • Gain competitive insight and perspective of relative performance within the industry

PIN Market Timer

A report that leverages lease maturity dates for sold vehicles and the characteristics of new-vehicle purchases to estimate when a given buyer or lessee will return to market.


  • Enhance tactical marketing activities to drive improved incentive efficiency
  • Enhance plan/forecast accuracy for new and used operations to improve operating efficiency

PIN Portfolio Age

An interactive tool that describes past, present and future product activity. Included is an Excel flat file with age metrics exported from the interactive tool. Data includes: Past, present and future product activity; age metrics; sales data; and core product metrics such as number of entries, replacement rate and sales per entry.


  • Access the data needed to plan product activity
  • Identify competitive product actions and strategize how best to minimize any negative effects
  • Determine the future strength or weakness of a segment

CFTP Frequency Distribution

This report provides insight into sales volumes by transaction price band, providing invaluable intelligence in answering key business questions. Data includes: Retail sales volume and percent of retail sales; vehicle granularity levels; and transaction type granularity. 


  • Describe sales volume distribution across the price spectrum using CFTP which is negotiated vehicle price less customer-facing incentives
  • Establish market size opportunity for new entries
  • Understand competitiveness of in-market prices and offers
  • Track sales volume across the competitive pricing landscape using true customer-facing prices
  • Track the competitiveness of incentive and sales strategies aimed to increase sales or share

Certified Pre-Owned Insights

Allows manufacturers to benchmark the performance of their certified pre-owned (CPO) and non-CPO used-vehicle sales relative to the industry in entirety and by specific competitors. Delivered by J.D. Power Valuation Services. 


  • Understand market share of CPO and Used sales. Determine if CPO and used unit sales and gross profits are competitive
  • Learn where CPO buyers come from and where do CPO disposers go
  • Understand how model year mix has varied in the past and if the variation is consistent between CPO and Used

Advisory Services

The power of PIN data combined with J.D. Power automotive experts and data scientists

Incentives Planning Services

An on-demand solution that provides marketers with insights into what drives business performance by determining the impact of alternative incentive amounts, structures, and price points.


  • Develop more efficient incentive planning strategies
  • Decrease incentive spending and achieve higher share gain per incentive dollar
  • Have a quicker response time to competitive actions
  • Gain a better understanding of incentive budget necessary to hit sales objectives

Volume Planning

An on-demand service that leverages the full array of PIN and J.D. Power data to assess future sales and price performance for a given model or portfolio


  • Receive a data and industry expertise driven, quantitative assessment of expected performance with full transparency for the drivers of the analysis

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