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Providers can gain a short-term lift by introducing a new service or product feature, but soon enough competition will introduce the same or better. Speedy and effective cross-functional decision-making at the highest levels depends on deciding which initiatives demand full attention because they create the most value for customers. Our work has shown that strong analysis— based on the voices of the customers - is the key to making the best decisions.

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The J.D. Power Payments Platform is comprised of modules with studies that explore the experiences of today’s cardholders

Experts You Can Count On

Keith Webster_300
Keith Webster
President, Global Business Intelligence
Keith's Bio
Jim Miller
Jim Miller
Vice President, Global Banking & Payments
Jim's Bio
Paul McAdam
Paul McAdam
Senior Director, Banking Intelligence
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John Cabell
John Cabell
Director, Banking and Payments Intelligence
John's Bio
Dann Allen
Dann Allen
Senior Director, Banking and Payments Intelligence
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Jennifer White
Jennifer White
Senior Consultant, Banking and Payment Intelligence
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Bob Neuhaus
Bob Neuhaus
Vice President, Financial Services
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