Loyalty Indicator & Shopping Trends (LIST)

A daily, competitive view of auto and home insurance shopping and loyalty behavior

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Are your investments paying off?

The insurance industry spends $9B annually in marketing and advertising. That’s a big investment to capture shoppers. Are you attracting new customers? Are competitors’ campaigns attracting your at- risk customers?

In order to understand whether your investments are paying off, you need:


Near-real-time visibility into whether you’re winning or losing


Which brands are having the biggest impact at the national, state, and metropolitan level


Deep dive insights into consumer trends and the reasons behind shifts in shopping


An understanding of which your customers are at-risk

The J.D. Power Insurance LIST provides a unique daily, competitive view of auto and home insurance shopping and loyalty behaviors for the top carriers in the national and state-level markets. The consumer behavior data captured reveals who shoppers are, where they are shopping, and competitive brand-level consideration sets. This independent view of shopping behaviors across the United States puts the critical data needed to win the acquisition battle right in your hands.

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Subscribers have insights needed to:

  • Take action: pinpoint where market conditions are changing and where there are opportunities
  • Understand impact: view changes that occur following operational initiatives

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Let LIST data answer your strategic questions


Competitor Analysis

Identify which brands are attracting and closing business in your target markets and from your target demographics and why they’re gaining this business.


Marketing Impact

Track how your campaigns are performing, how your competitors’ campaigns are performing, and how key audience segments in target markets are responding to both.


Operational Analysis

Explore the impact that channel, process, and policy enhancements have on shopping and retention rates in order to inform future operational changes.


Impact of Market Events

Understand how specific events like weather, rate taking, and campaign timing are impacting your shopping and retention rates and your competitors’.

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LIST 2.0 Takes Our Insights Even Further

LIST enhancements, made available in October, allow subscribers to take segmentation to the next level. Dig deeper into the household level to measure not only home ownership and renting, but also number of vehicles and drivers insured.

Take a look at out our Insurance Neighborhood for a glimpse at the household level insights subscribers are now able to incorporate into their strategies.

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The Quarterly LIST Shopping Report provides an overview of brand-level insurance shopping data and trends from the previous quarter. The latest report is available for download now.

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Behind the Insights:

Learn more about the challenges that inspired us to build LIST and how you can leverage this unique shopping intelligence.

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