Loyalty Indicator & Shopping Trends (LIST)

A daily, competitive view of auto and home insurance shopping and loyalty behavior

J.D. Power US Insurance LIST Product

Understand who is winning and who is losing the shopping battle on a daily basis. Consumer expectations are rising and their ability to shop and switch has never been easier, placing stress on carrier PIF and lost premium. As you compete for customers every day, whether through retaining your existing book or attracting new customers, you need the tools and insights to capture not only the loyalty of your existing customers, but also to understand the loyalty of your competitors’ customers.

The J.D. Power Auto Insurance LIST provides a unique daily, competitive view of auto insurance shopping and loyalty behaviors for the top carriers in the national and state-level markets. The consumer behavior data captured reveals who shoppers are, where they are shopping, and competitive brand-level consideration sets. This independent view of shopping behaviors across the United States puts the critical data needed to win the acquisition battle right in your hands.

Auto Insurance Loyalty Indicator & Shopping Trends (LIST)

Subscribers will have insights needed to:

  • Take action: pinpoint where market conditions are changing and where there are opportunities
  • Understand impact: view changes that occur following operational initiatives

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The Dynamic Marketing Funnel

As part of our platinum package, we are excited to share our new dynamic marketing funnel. Carriers currently have the data to see who is quoting them. But what if they could see who is quoting other brands?

Subscribers can view these metrics across the top 20 brands at a national, state, and metropolitan level. Funnels can be viewed over time to see who is winning, who is losing, what is happening in the market, and what has happened as a result of actions a brand has taken. Contact us today to learn more.


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