Win in Unprecedented Market Conditions

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Lenders are facing a number of key challenges created by today’s unique environment. Profitability is under pressure as costs to service will rise significantly. Today’s experiences will impact customer perceptions and brand image for years to come. A strong ROI case is vital to get critical resources needed during difficult times. Our must-have, data-led insights and high-impact reports are an investment in the success of your team and your business. 

Lending Solutions

The J.D. Power Lending Platform is comprised studies which provide unique, competitive insights about the consumer borrower loan shopping and customer experience across a diverse set of consumer loan types – from mortgages to personal loans. This platform is powered by the voices of over 60,000 borrowers and decision makers per year, a collection of over 25 years of unbiased feedback and an unparalleled team of industry, digital and customer journey experts.

Experts You Can Count On

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Keith Webster
President, Global Business Intelligence
Keith's Bio
Tom Lawler
Senior Director, Head of Consumer Lending Intelligence
Tom's Bio
Craig Martin
Craig Martin
Managing Director and Global Head of Wealth & Lending Intelligence
Craig's Bio
Keith Bossey
Keith Bossey
Managing Director, Global Business Intelligence
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Patrick Roosenberg
Patrick Roosenberg
Director and Practice Lead of Auto Finance Intelligence
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