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Beyond price, tell us what matters most.

Auto insurance shoppers purchase the promise of a future service, yet they don’t always know how well other customers found those same promises kept. 

Through our new process, Intelligent Match, we strive to reduce buyer’s remorse and build the right long-term customer-insurer relationships. Intelligent Match leverages insights directly from auto insurance customers to help connect shoppers with the right carrier based on promises made and promises kept.

Intelligent Match is an independent source of advice from over ¼ million auto insurance customers. Customers using Intelligent Match can tap directly into this feedback for a deeply personalized shopping experience based on multiple aspects of service that an insurance carrier provides. They can then select a carrier that other customers say live up to the service factors that matter most to them.

"While competitive rates may get customers in the door, service and product drive retention"

Price only goes so far. Matching customers with the service attributes that matter most to them can help develop a long-term relationship with their insurer.

Intelligent Match Version 3

How Does Intelligent Match Work?

With Intelligent Match, everyone wins:


Consumers get a personalized, independent insurance company recommendation that aligns with what is important to them.


Insurance companies are matched with customers with strong intent to buy and that are well suited for their brand promises leaving the door open for building long-term loyalty.


Agents and intermediaries can embed Intelligent Match into their lead gen and fulfillment processes to improve conversion rates and future retention for greater customer life-time value.

Polly Case Study Screenshot

Intelligent Match in Action

Polly, a digital insurance marketplace, had a challenge: They wanted to provide a highly personalized view of an insurance carrier so that consumers could choose a carrier whose service capabilities matched their personal preferences. By incorporating the Intelligent Match algorithm into their quoting app for beta testing, they were able to do just that. The results: consumer engagement with the Intelligent Match page increased conversions rates, reduced acquisition costs, and increased reach and impressions among consumers. Keep reading to learn more.

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