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The new generation of data service has hit the automotive industry. Feature Exchange is a spin-off of our insurance risk analysis service– the industry's first normalized, analytics-ready and VIN-specific service of its kind. Now we’ve taken that level of data to order accuracy functions of the automotive industry, including glass replacement, ADAS calibration companies, roadside assistance and part supply stores, among others. Feature Exchange gives insight into the specific features and technology on a given vehicle, saving you time and money while relieving you from the guesswork of the past.

How Feature Exchange works

With our specialized data sets, you will have access to all VIN-specific features pertinent to your task at hand – beyond year, make and model. Installing a windshield? Save time and money by knowing exactly which one to order before you arrive on the scene. Replacing a car part? Minimize inefficiencies and excessive product ordering by knowing exactly what you need. This is just the beginning of what our Feature Exchange service can do. Contact us to discuss how we can set up a data set that will serve your specific needs.   

Feature Exchange

The Feature Exchange solution

Feature Exchange standardizes how all features are named. 

Rather than having a standardized naming convention for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features, as an example, every manufacturer brands them differently as a way to stand out from the competition. 

Because the detailed data provided through Feature Exchange is normalized (vehicle features are described and coded consistently across years, makes, models and OEMs), part ordering can be performed more accurately. We keep track of new technologies by adding them to the database as they enter the market.  

Feature Exchange gives clarity to “invisible” features. 

It has become difficult to determine relevant features and what features are actually on a vehicle with any degree of certainty. It has become difficult to determine relevant features and what features are actually on a vehicle with any degree of certainty. For instance, the addition of actuators, sensors, processors and/or over-the-air software capabilities have made some features difficult to see.

We receive Build Data directly from the OEMs for the majority of vehicles sold each year, including fleet and direct orders. In the absence of OEM Build Data, we have a proprietary VIN warehouse consisting of Engineered VIN Data derived from numerous sources that accounts for all of the as configured features on a given VIN. We provide automotive VIN services that call every key feature, as well as categorize them. Feature Exchange is powered by deep and comprehensive normalized vehicle data and configuration rules, making it much more difficult for “invisible”  features to hide. 

Features and benefits

  • Feel confidence in your order accuracy with Feature Exchange.
  • Our solution is conveniently offered as a RESTful web-based service, allowing for live VIN submissions or batch processing. 
  • Our solution features VIN-specific and feature level data. We have the most accurate, timely and complete vehicle data and content in the industry encompassing over 30 years of model coverage. ​  
  • We obtain our data directly from the OEMs and update immediately upon receipt so our vehicle data is always current. 
  • Our vehicle content attributes are normalized to consistently describe the attributes of vehicle features in a complete, accurate and OEM-agnosticway. 
  • Service outputs allow for easy integration into existing parts systems.

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