Vehicle Build Specifications at the 17-digit VIN

EpiAnalytics VINoptions is an automotive AI solution providing automotive OEMs, pricing evaluators, auction houses, and insurance and finance companies immediate access to Build Data (installed features, trim and package information) at the 17-digit VIN. 

The automotive world has always been a data-driven business and every vehicle has hundreds of pieces of information associated to a single Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Yet, even today, automotive businesses cannot determine what trim, features, packages, and options are on a particular vehicle. Until now!

Now OEMs, pricing evaluators, auction houses, and insurance and finance companies can turn to EpiAnalytics to get all the options, trim, and package information on a 17-digit VIN.

J.D. Power EpiAnalytics VINOptions

Bring trust to your vehicle valuations.  Don’t trust a generic VIN Decoder or an appraisal that neglects a comprehensive picture of each vehicle. 

VINoptions automotive AI can determine key build information, items such as trim, engine, exterior color, transmission, and specific OEM-installed options and packages.  The difference in recognized MSRP can vary by tens of thousands of dollars in value.

Companies use VINoptions to accurately predict and rationalize each VIN to a manufacturer’s build specifications.

EpiAnalytics has mastered the ability to extract meaningful structured information from online listings, window stickers and other VIN data sources – making it usable for vehicle valuation analysis, comparison, search, and more.

Identify Trim and Optional Packages

EpiAnalytics identifies specific features, options and vehicle trim details based on the actual vehicle listings enhanced by verification of manufacturer build specifications. With EpiAnalytics normalization process, 98% of vehicle trims will be identified, as well as key items such as options and packages and specific safety item installed on each vehicle.

With VINoptions, aftermarket items such as upgraded wheels or premium sound systems can be easily identified based on vehicle description. For companies looking for an easier way to incorporate vehicle options data, VINoptions extracts raw, unstructured vehicle description data and transforms it into organized information that can be used to predict and compare vehicle options in a more meaningful way.

“Our valuation customers can move from a general approach to vehicle valuations and move to a precise value for an exact vehicle This type of precision removes the guesswork of evaluating whether specific features, packaging and options are built on the vehicle, and that provides game-changing transparency.” - Jonathan Banks, VP of Valuation Services at J.D. Power

Predictive Analytics & Database Solutions

Syndicated Database Matches Options with Manufacturer Build Data

Leverage our subscription database to look up VINs in real-time and “auto-fill” options and packages for more detailed identification of a vehicle’s ‘true value’. VINoptions Data Output is rationalized to manufacturer build specifications and our output can be delivered in all the following formats:

Auto Car Shopper Dealership
  •   Basic VIN Decode

  •   Verified Build Data

  •   Syndicated Listing

  • Customer Provided List

Automotive businesses, including financial institutions, dealers and remarketers need reliable vehicle valuations that consider more than just the base value of the vehicle. A complete picture of a vehicle’s overall value ensures more accurate pricing throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.

Don’t base value or inventory decisions on generic data or on an appraisal that neglects a comprehensive picture of the VIN. Know the adjustments that add or delete from the value for each VIN.

VINoptions allows automotive businesses to:

  • Make more informed inventory decisions faster

  • Buy and sell more cars quickly and at the right price

  • Accurately identify 98% of vehicle trims using vehicle description data

  • Identify and align with manufacturer build data

  • Access VINs in real time leveraging a database with 90% of all vehicles in operation

Using this data, insurance companies can prevent “premium leakage,” while financial institutions will now be able to verify whether specific high-value items are present on a specific vehicle. Auctions houses can “pre-fill” specific options and packages for more detailed identification of true vehicle value, resulting in fewer “chargeback” mistakes off the lane (or on-line).

J.D. Power EpiAnalytics VINOptions Product

The VINoptions Advantage

  • The ability to predict trim and option packages
  • A list of associated options that link to the manufacturer’s data schema and match to specific pricing / value of those options
  • A syndicated database that allows real time look-up or data fill capabilities based on the VINs you want to analyze


  • EpiAnalytics Automotive AI uses machine learning to help company’s make better vehicle comparison and valuation decisions

  • Rapid implementation with out-of-the-box automotive categories

  • Normalize disparate data sources into one configurable format

  • Build-level data at a low, scalable cost

  • Powered by the industry’s largest database of historical and active inventory data

  • Rationalized to OEM build specifications

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Speech-To-Text Analytics

Turn Missed Opportunities Into Appointments and Sales

Call recordings are a major source of customer intelligence for automotive dealers and OEMs.  Enhance your call management processes by applying text analytics and sentiment scoring resulting in the automatic tagging of call recordings raising crucial customer insights.  Analyze hundreds of calls simultaneously to quickly identify customer sales opportunities and monitor areas of customer dissatisfaction. Make regulatory and legal compliance easier by storing and querying your customer data for violations and early warning indicators.

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Identify trends and relationships in sales and service processes that have the greatest impact on repeat purchases and loyalty. Quickly identify dissatisfied customers, benchmark the sales and service experience across dealerships, isolate negative reviews for corrective action, promote positive reviews and identify parts driving the most positive and negative feedback.

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