EpiAnalyticsTM Provides Structure in an Unstructured World…

More Than 85 Percent of Usable Business Data Is Unstructured

Industry analysts report that unstructured data is the single largest source of unprocessed and underutilized customer data and is growing rapidly in today's customer-centric world. In the era of Big Data where corporate data doubles every three months, harnessing this data is critical to competitive growth and survival.

EpiAnalytics Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions support your business needs so you can derive more value from your existing data wherever it resides. Our solutions are designed to increase sales, improve data quality, ensure compliance, and increase operational efficiencies.

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Our Solutions

ChromeData VIN Descriptions

Our legacy VINoptions product, along with its AI and VIN data engineering capabilities, have been combined with our ChromeData 30-year vehicle data catalog to create a next-gen VIN decode. ChromeData VIN Descriptions are the industry standard used to accurately identify and describe a vehicle based on its VIN.

J.D. Power EpiAnalytics Automotive AI Solutions

TextBI: AI Enablement

Our cloud-based AI enablement platform is designed to provide an intuitive, self-service user interface allowing a business user to organize, analyze and categorize free-form, unstructured, textual data. Using AI and machine learning technology, we can integrate with your CRM and community platforms, including ServiceNow, Salesforce.com (via the AppExchange) and Workplace, a Facebook community offering.

Voice-to-Text Analytics: Conversational AI

EpiAnalytics delivers a best-in-class, real-time machine learning and text analytics solution for classifying transcribed audio in the same way a person would listen to a call or audio recording. This highly scalable solution categorizes and scores calls to identify call types, customer insights, agent performance, and compliance risks.

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EpiAnalytics in Numbers

Explore our Resource Center to learn how EpiAnalytics AI solutions are helping businesses get structured. Read about the industries we serve and the data sources we analyze, and hear what our customers are saying about us. 


Saved nearly $800K in a matter of hours using text analytics to detect an issue that employees reported through their online community platform


Worked with a university to increase its revenue by nearly $9.8M in retained tuition by being able to meet the needs of its students more quickly and efficiently using an AI-based solution


Enabled dealers to maximize appointments, optimize the sales and service experience, and quickly identify “at-risk” customers using voice-to-text analytics

7.6 Days

Enabled a global organization to use text analytics and real-time automation to streamline its contact center’s email triage to reduce manual case reading and enhance routing, allowing its agents to focus more on customer care


Utilized EpiAnalytics Voice-to-Text Analytics to help companies automate call monitoring, reduce manual listening efforts, and make decision-making easier to improve customer satisfaction


Gain more accurate automotive information to automate "as-built" vehicle valuations and comparisons. Identify trim, features, packages, and options are on a particular vehicle at the 17-digit VIN.

Our Technology

Designed For The Business User

J.D. Power EpiAnalytics Technology

EpiAnalytics offers a suite of proprietary state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language technologies.

Our software unlocks the hidden value in unstructured data, helping enterprise decision-makers improve brand equity, increase revenue and reduce operational costs.

Your customer data is valuable, but only if you can make sense of it. The vast majority of data by itself isn’t useful to an organization. EpiAnalytics makes your data better.

AI Focused On The Intersection Of People And Computers

Our machines process and analyze huge amounts of unstructured, natural language data to streamline and automate model building. Our technology learns from your data, identifying patterns so you can reduce manual efforts and solve your unique business challenges.

Only EpiAnalytics offers Integrated, real-time AI technology and advanced solutions that cuts through the noise of “dirty data” to expose meaning while automating results where you need it most – in the business processes where your data resides.

Not sure what fits your needs?

Regardless of the source, EpiAnalytics brings complex NLP solutions and techniques to analyze data and help companies solve important business problems.

What is Your Data Source?

From surveys and emails to social media and call center data, EpiAnalytics takes your raw customer feedback and turns it into actionable intelligence for decision support and business workflow automation. Read our case studies and client testimonials

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Use more of your data to increase sales, reduce customer churn, enhance the customer experience, control employee attrition, provide early warning detection, and more.