Employee CX Enablement Assessment

Employee CX Enablement Program

You’ve worked hard to put the right people in place and there is a strong commitment across your organization to improving the customer experience.  

Are your employees able to deliver it?

Do employees clearly understand and connect to your larger mission?

Do employees understand customer service as a priority?

Do employees feel they have the resources they need to focus on being customer-centric?

What might be inhibiting or facilitating a positive customer experience? Is that obstacle employee-based?

Do they have what they need to be successful?  

Do they understand the resources available to them?  

Are they connected to delivering outstanding customer service in real ways?

What if you could identify employee disengagement and put in place steps to solve it?
…with the Employee CX Enablement Assessment, you can.

Employee CX Enablement Program

The Employee CX Enablement Assessment can help you identify pain points such as:

  • Internal communication breakdowns
  • Not putting the customer first
  • Resources not being properly allocated to the customer experience
  • Employee accountability issues
  • Lack of understanding of available resources 
  • …and more

Your organization can gain valuable insights to help identify potential gaps in internal communication, training, and operations with our three-step Employee CX Enablement Assessment:

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Enablement survey deployed across the organization

Employee Circle Icon 2

Enablement results finalized and analyzed

Employee Circle Icon 3

Executive results readout and recommendations

If you’re challenged with identifying where you are in your employee enablement journey and what priorities you should focus on next, J.D. Power is here to help. 

Contact us today to get started with solutions sets designed to fit your needs. 

Employee CX Enablement Program

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