Digital Intelligence

Create, Optimize and Iterate Best-in-Class Digital Experiences

J.D. Power Digital Intelligence Benchmark

Get the full view of your digital performance. Customers are comparing your digital experience to every other digital experience they encounter. It’s time to align cross-industry best practices with Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights for a holistic view of your customers’ digital experience. Use these insights to connect the digital experience to business performance and inform strategic decisions that lead to customer, organizational, and shareholder value.

Digital Benchmark Studies

Know Your Rank Among Consumers

Our syndicated digital benchmarks provide digital experience measurements and best practices across multiple industries based on customer feedback

J.D. Power Digital Proprietary VoC Measurement

Digital Proprietary VoC Measurement

Customized survey to measure digital experience:

  • Discussion with client to develop and tailor survey and  analysis to specific needs
  • Satisfaction index, improvement verbatims, and key performance diagnostics comparable to syndicated study
  • Repeatable VoC measurement for consistent feedback
  • Industry expert audit of competitors
  • Analysis of consumer and digital trends impacting content and design

Digital Experience Advisory Services

A rigorous 3rd party analysis of an organizations’ upcoming digital initiatives including product ideation and launches:

  • Based on the strength of our syndicated and proprietary  measurement, we’ve built an impressive roster of global  advisory clients
  • 15+ years of Advisory Experience helping clients enhance their digital offerings to meet customer expectations
  • Experience advising across multiple industries and digital channels (desktop website, mobile website, mobile app, online chat, etc.)
  • Subject Matter Experts provide recommendations for  improvement rooted in data and best practice to ensure digital  initiatives are in line with customer expectations
J.D. Power Digital Intelligence Benchmark

Digital Intelligence Benchmark

Our digital Intelligence Benchmark provides industry agnostic review of digital proficiency as well as benchmarks capabilities against 4,000+ best practices, highlighting strengths and weaknesses

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