Deep Dive Research Program

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Conduct A Deeper Analysis Of Your Customers’ Experiences

The J.D. Power Deep Dive Research Program is an enhancement to our syndicated studies that allows your company to field additional surveys using existing customer data. This program leverages J.D. Power’s established benchmarks to: 

  • Yield more completed surveys than the normal fielding of the syndicated study 
  • Provide more valuable data on your company's performance vs competitors 
  • Analyze data cut by client segmentation and internal variables

Drive improvement with J.D. Power data and analytics. 

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Deep Dive Research Customization

Enhancements are available to deliver detailed analyses that explore your business challenges and questions: 

  • Up to five additional client-supplied custom questions
  • Surveys translations
  • Expand deployment to include two waves of the survey with up to three reminders
  • An incentive for survey completion (type and amount to be approved by both J.D. Power and the client)

*Some of these changes may require an additional cost.

How Deep Dive Research Works:

Program subscribers can use this data to anticipate changes to the customer experience, understand how customers’ recent experiences impact satisfaction and discover the needs of customers by segment (regional performance, product/service and channel)

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 Use of the J.D. Power’s syndicated study Index Model and standard survey questionnaire with the addition of five custom questions to solve for specific issues 

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Standard deployment of the survey, which includes client deployment of one wave of the survey with up to two reminders (standard deployment is in English only) 

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Data is captured and analyzed by J.D. Power experts, who will compare results against syndicated findings and internal metrics to produce an executive read out of key results 

What You'll Get From a Subscription

A Deep-Dive Research Program subscription requires the purchase of the associated J.D. Power syndicated study which includes access to that study’s data and deliverables along with:

  • Executive readout with J.D. Power experts to share results and areas of improvement
  • In depth presentation with J.D. Power’s observations and insights
  • Respondent-level data file allowing you to explore your results and dig deeper into your customers’ feedback
  • Client-specific scorecard showing where you stand on impactful areas within the study
  • Access to PowerSource, J.D. Power's analytical platform for performance insights and competitive peer comparisons

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