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We all know the difficult truth: optimizing the customer experience is hard.  Getting all of your internal resources aligned and building your approach around the customer can feel like an uphill battle. 

The Good News: Customer service organizations that want to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest cost in the least amount of time have a path to get there.

The J.D. Power Customer Service Advisory team is here to help you optimize the customer experience at every interaction point a customer has with your brand. 

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Step 1

To Move Forward, You Need to Know Where You Really Are

A good experience anywhere influences expectations everywhere. When it comes to customer service interactions, your customers aren’t only comparing you to companies within your industry. They’re comparing you to experiences they’ve had with every organization they’ve ever interacted with. If you’re only comparing your customer service performance against yourself or your industry, you’re missing major opportunities to improve.

The Right Data for Discovering Where You Stand

J.D. Power has the data to compare any organization to best-in-class customer service across industries using the most important feedback: the Voice of the Customer. Leverage our cross-industry VoC benchmarks, top-performers’ data, proven best practices, and customer service expertise to discover where you truly stand.


Customer Satisfaction Studies Comprise Our Benchmarks


Top-Performing Contact Centers Researched To Build Our Operational Best Practices


Operational Best Practices Available


Categories Of Operational Best Practices On Our Scorecard

Once you have your baseline performance identified, let’s take the next step towards optimizing the experience for your customers.

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Step 2

Identify your Gaps-to-Great

Understanding what constitutes a “great experience” is the key to understanding why your customers aren’t satisfied with the service you are providing. Our team leverages our proprietary “Gaps-to-Great” process to identify the biggest gaps in your performance and the specific company behaviors that are negatively impacting your customers’ experience. Once the performance gaps and root causes are identified, it’s time to build your performance improvement plan.

Step 3

Prioritize Improvement Efforts to Deliver the Best CX at the Lowest Cost in the Least Amount of Time

You know your gaps – now it’s time to tackle the right ones. We help you prioritize where to direct your focus and resources to move the customer satisfaction needle the most at the lowest cost in the shortest amount of time. 

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And it really works.

Program clients have seen the following results:

First Call Resolution


increase in satisfaction in 4 months


reduction in employee attrition


decrease in customers saying they will definitely switch


decrease in customer needing to provide info more than once


savings in training costs

J.D. Power Certified Customer Service award

Step 4

Become the Customer Service Leader Everyone Wants to Be 

Organization that are dedicated to performance excellence and want their company and customers to know it have the opportunity to become certified through our rigorous Customer Service Excellence Certification Program. The program directly addresses the performance your customers and management value most, offering meaningful recognition by a trusted, credible source. 

What Can You Achieve with the Right Benchmarks, Advice, and Experts by Your Side?

Here’s a few more ways we’ve helped clients succeed:

Looking to Focus on a Specific Service Channel?

Our experts can help you optimize interactions within specific service channels, including:
•    Contact Center
•    Digital Service and Self-Service
•    Retail/In-Person Support
•    And more.
If you’re looking for a custom program for your channel mix, we can help you there too.

Customer Service Insights

Looking for customer service insights, advice, and best practices? Check out the resources below.

Meet the Customer Service Experts You Can Count On

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Mark Miller
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