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Creating compare and configure tools just got easier

In theory, building your system should be simple. However, every vehicle has over 10,000 option and pricing configurations, manufacturers change their lineups and pricing seemingly every day, and automotive data can be hard to obtain. This is why your simple goal can become a complex problem.

We acquire, normalize, analyze and improve raw automotive data, then align it with a comprehensive web service interface. You simply write the calls that allow your application to use our data, then present that data the way your business needs it—in high-powered dealer or information-rich portal sites—with no complicated database schemas to build, maintain and update.

Our configuration engine and depth of coverage can power any brand’s build and price experience for consumers and professionals. As a trusted impartial resource, our Compare service supports brand-to-brand or all competitive vehicles in the market. Chrome Construct’s configuration and comparison APIs make this process quicker, easier and more accurate.

J.D. Power Autodata Config & Compare Multi-Device

Powerful technology to research, configure and compare vehicles

We provide Compare and Construct APIs used on OEM brand sites to drive engagement by providing car shoppers with the relevant vehicle comparison information they need to confirm their vehicle choices and continue moving further along in the shopping process. The service can return a full array of vehicles that are comparably equipped to the initially configured vehicle, providing detailed side-by-side and advantage based comparisons. Daily data updates ensure you always have the most up-to-date pricing, options and specification information enabling a comprehensive research experience. In additions to OEM brand sites, these tools can be leveraged by professionals and on portal sites. These applications are fully compatible with other offerings in the ChromeData suite of solutions.

Build and price with ease

Our configuration service makes building a desired vehicle fast and simple. Our application uses intelligent data-backed configuration rules to accurately construct a fully-configured vehicle in compliance with an OEM’s ordering guide, ordering logic, pricing rules and technical specifications. Available for both U.S. and Canadian models, our comparison and configuration applications cover all technical specifications, warranty details, standard and optional available equipment and more.

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Features and benefits

  • Search for vehicles by type, specific technical specifications, or by year, make, model or by user friendly advanced search web service calls
  • Includes complete logic for options and prices for the U.S. and CA in English, Spanish and French
  • Get technical specifications, warranty information, standard available equipment, optional equipment lists and consumer information for every vehicle
  • Create detailed side-by-side and advantage-based comparisons
  • Auto-Equip returns an array of vehicles that are comparably equipped to your initially configured vehicle
  • Minimal development time compared to systems built on raw data
  • Leverages your existing platforms; supports JAVA, .NET, PHP, C# and others
  • Accurate and up-to-date vehicle pricing and options
  • Cost-effective way to access our entire data store
  • Daily data updates ensure you always have the most up-to-date pricing and specification information
  • Powerful in-brand and competitive analysis
  • Fully compatible with other ChromeData offerings, from web-based VIN lookup to extensive image libraries

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