J.D. Power Claims Certification

Let consumers know that resolving their claim is your top priority

Claims Certification

Pursue top performance certification for your claims operation

J.D. Power Claims Certification program helps businesses at a local and national level improve operations through a combination of Voice of the Customer feedback and other relevant measures, such as rigorous on-site evaluation of customer service and claims processes. Clients demonstrating compliance with J.D. Power’s rigorous certification assessment will have the benefit of J.D. Power’s trusted third-party endorsement to leverage in marketing and sales communications*.

*Subject to specific guidelines

How it works

Celebrate Success: Stand Out in the Crowd

The J.D. Power Claims Certification sends a clear and unequivocal message to the marketplace that your claims operation provides the highest quality of customer service to the end consumer. Certification from J.D. Power is designed to underscore your commitment to customer satisfaction and differentiate your company from your competitors with consumers and thirdparty vendors/agents. Participants who achieve certification will be offered the opportunity to market and advertise that they are J.D. Power Claims Certified with both consumers and third parties (e.g., TPA, MGU, and brokers) through guidelines set by J.D. Power’s Corporate Communications Department.

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