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The next-gen solution for identifying, describing & marketing vehicles

Online car shopping can be frustrating. When shoppers cannot determine if a vehicle has their desired features, they move along to another search. Inaccurate vehicle descriptions and buried feature content can lead to missed sales opportunities.

Generating the most accurate and compelling vehicle detail pages just became easier. ChromeData VIN Descriptions display all known installed packages, features and equipment – while showcasing the most important features of your vehicles with customer-friendly marketing descriptions. Engage shoppers with content that is most relevant to buyers while educating them on new technology in today’s vehicles. It’s time to edge out your competitors with this revolutionary new service from J.D. Power.

Customer Success Testimonials

“We were looking for fast VIN decoding with a high-level of detail and accuracy. ChromeData VIN Descriptions (CVD) allows more of our users to accurately decode their vehicles to maximize the offers returned for their vehicle. We liked that CVD’s build data and engineered data came with a high level of accuracy. It has helped us learn even more detail about vehicles than we originally intended. In addition, we appreciate the team’s quick response times and the fact that they provide detailed answers to our questions or offer up solutions. The product is as advertised, and everyone has been great to work with.”

- David Couch, Product Director | Carwiser

“Our customers rely on us to provide a comprehensive view of their fleet’s performance and deliver the insight necessary to make fully-informed strategic decisions. Collaborating with the J.D. Power team and leveraging its ChromeData VIN Descriptions service empowered us to develop a unique solution to this emerging challenge and ensured we continue to provide our customers the information they need to keep their business moving forward in a clear, easy to understand manner.”

- Nate Lyall Manager, EV Technology | Holman

Learn how to leverage accurate vehicle descriptions to gain a competitive edge

NextGen VIN Decode

Clearly defined vehicle descriptions, targeted to shoppers at every touchpoint

ChromeData VIN Descriptions are the next-generation industry standard used to accurately identify and describe vehicles based on their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Powered by our deep and comprehensive vehicle data, configuration rules and industry-leading data-engineering capabilities, ChromeData VIN Descriptions are fully configurable and available in a tiered approach to give you the precise data you need to serve the demands of your business and streamline your operations.

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ChromeData VIN Descriptions – Breakdown of Tier Levels

ChromeData VIN Descriptions Standard

When You Only Need the Basics

For customers who only need the basics, but at the same time need to ensure the information they are getting is correct, ChromeData VIN Description Standard provides accurate data on core vehicle features, such as year, make, model, trim and GVWR, for a corresponding price point 

ChromeData VIN Descriptions Premium

When You Need Comprehensive Vehicle Data

For customers who need complete and accurate vehicle descriptions, from exterior color to trim, OEM-installed options and beyond, ChromeData VIN Descriptions Premium brings together our proprietary ChromeData catalog with industry-leading AI and VIN data-engineering capabilities from EpiAnalytics, now part of J.D. Power, to deliver a complete picture of each vehicle.

ChromeData VIN Descriptions Premium+

When You Need Extra Peace of Mind

For customers who need complete and accurate vehicle descriptions with the added peace of mind offered by OEM build data validation, ChromeData VIN Descriptions Premium+ delivers the most accurate vehicle descriptions in the industry. By bringing together our proprietary ChromeData catalog with industry-leading AI and VIN data-engineering, we deliver a complete picture of each vehicle verified against OEM build data to ensure the highest degree of accuracy possible.

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Features and Benefits

  • Convenient and full-featured RESTful web service platform
  • Improved feature descriptions using OEM branding
  • Trim descriptions matching OEM marketing
  • Content of package descriptions more easily identifiable 
  • Enhanced style reduction
  • Includes all installed options, packages, features and colors
  • Feature ranking to easily identify most important equipment
  • Benefit and definition statements to educate shoppers on vehicle features
  • AI & machine learning
  • Seamless integration with full ChromeData solution suite

Don’t have a VIN?

J.D. Power EpiAnalytics VINOptions Product
Leverage the ChromeData Vehicle Selector Service to review the content available on any vehicle. With an easy to implement Year, Make and Model Selector, your users can drill into the most accurate vehicle content in the industry. Retrieving style details from our vast library of OEM catalog data from 1997 to current couldn’t be easier with our RESTful service. This service, a companion to ChromeData Vehicle Descriptions, allows you to offer an alternative for vehicle research when a VIN is not available.

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