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A Platform that Solves a Major Business Challenge

Many aspects of the car buying experience are confusing. The majority of shoppers are undecided from the onset. To narrow their options, shoppers check a wide range of information sources, including manufacturer sites, dealer sites, auto review sites, blogs, forums, social media and third-party shopping sites. To complicate matters, vehicle information is often inconsistent across different sites.

Vehicle inventory merchandising is the most important aspect of an online marketing strategy. Clear and accurate descriptions, key features, installed options and consistent pricing are key to providing a full and complete view of a vehicle. Reliable inventory data ensures optimal marketing, targeting and spend.

ChromeData Certified InventorySM is a comprehensive inventory management platform that effectively delivers on the value proposition of precise automotive inventory. Clients are able to empower consumers to shop for what they really want.

We now offer the ability to post new and used inventory to high-traffic sites, dealer’s Google My Business page and MSNAutos.com, increasing visibility of dealer’s inventory and generating increased traffic to their dealer website and calls to their store.


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The Truth About VINs

What is ChromeData Certified Inventory(SM)?

J.D. Power Autodata ICC Iventory

Our platform is already integrated with hundreds of dealer inventory feed providers. We ingest data directly from the dealer’s main source(s) of truth, consolidating disparate data feeds from multiple sources to create complete, normalized and comprehensive inventory records. These records include price mapping, vehicle data, photos, videos, comments and more.

J.D. Power Autodata ICC Data

Our full suite of data mapping, editing and normalization tools enable inconsistent data to be updated and standardized to any specification in real-time. The resulting customized data can be consumed via API or file in any format and delivered with any frequency.

J.D. Power Autodata ICC Product

Our platform is fully integrated with ChromeData’s other web services. This integration provides ChromeData clients with a single solution to collect inventory data, decode VINs, validate with OEM build data and our extensive VIN library encompassing EpiAnalytics’ engineered VIN data, all supported by our proprietary 30-year catalog of vehicle data to positively identify as-configured features, connect VIN-specific incentives/rebates and more.

A Consistent User Experience


Seamless Integration with ChromeData Products & Services

  • Vehicle Description Service utilizes our 30-year proprietary ChromeData catalog and when available, is validated by OEM build data and our extensive VIN library, encompassing EpiAnalytics’ engineered VIN data
  • Additional ChromeData products that fully integrate: Chrome Image Gallery, Incentives Service and VIN Inventory Videos
  • The most precise and complete list of installed vehicle equipment delivered for every VIN: Model-specific key features, all equipment categorized and prioritized, and the most detailed features and benefits statements
  • Logical VIN-specific Math Stack, featuring dealer pricing tier together with comprehensive OEM, VIN-specific incentives and rebates
  • Real-time management of all vehicle inventory, easily updated data as well as syndication to any number of destinations
  • Full support team available to assist with our turnkey solution

Key Platform Capabilities

  • Data can be received from multiple sources (i.e., lot servicers, OEMs, etc.) for each and every dealer and combined into one cohesive “record of truth”
  • Easily and quickly append vehicle data, incentives and rebates, photos, videos, etc.
  • Rules-based pricing as well as the ability to automatically update pricing and vehicle status instantly
  • Automatically add vehicle comments and disclaimers based on each vehicle’s unique build
  • Data collection, merchandising and distribution was developed with the end-usage in mind (i.e., real time data standardization based on the destination)
  • Robust reporting on nearly every data point
  • Alerts and monitoring for all inventory, feeds, exports, etc.
  • All data can be updated across the web and/or various applications in near real-time via API

Experts You Can Count On

Kenny DellaPorta
Kenny DellaPorta
Head of Inventory Data Services
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Brian Terr
Brian Terr
Head of Inventory Data Sales
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Jamie Kozlik
Jamie Kozlik
Sr. Director, Business Development
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Austin Lavigne
Business Development Manager
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Andrew Price 2
Andrew Price
Senior Group Account Executive, Business Development
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Anna Blomdahl
Anna Blomdahl
Business Development Manager
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