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The J.D. Power Banking Intelligence Platform is powered by the voices of nearly 150,000 customers per year, a collection of more than 15 years of unbiased banking customer feedback and an unmatched team of industry, digital and customer experience experts. Our studies provides incredibly cost effective, detailed performance analysis of all key competitors across national and regional banking markets.

Banking Solutions

The J.D. Power Banking Platform is comprised of modules which traverse the full spectrum of retail banking customer experiences – from new account opening to cross-channel account management and even switching. 

Financial Health and Advice Program

The J.D. Power Financial Health and Advice Program provides actionable insights about customer experiences and best practices related to bank provided advice and new account opening. A study subscription will help you to optimize your advisory and account opening initiatives using insights about priority customer segments, prominent customer financial-advisory needs, and methods of customer engagement that build trust.

Financial Health and Advice Program

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Retail Banking Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Retail Banking Satisfaction Study analyzes retail banking customers’ satisfaction with their primary financial institution and the impact it has on bottom-line metrics, such as retention, loyalty, and advocacy. The study provides critical benchmarking information and identifies the dominant factors that drive retail banking customer satisfaction.

U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study

National Banking Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power National Banking Satisfaction Study provides a comprehensive view of customer experience with all retail bank product lines for eight national banks in the United States that account for 50% of total domestic deposits. It evaluates bank customer experience across six factors; channel interactions; deposit accounts; credit accounts; investment accounts; convenience; and problem resolution.

U.S. National Banking Satisfaction Study

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Direct Banking Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Direct Banking Satisfaction Study offers critical intelligence regarding adoption and satisfaction with the features and content of leading financial institutions’ online properties and identify what drives best-in-class online customer experience. The study provides critical benchmarking information and qualitative feedback on online experiences and branchless banking.

U.S. Direct Banking Satisfaction Study

Banking Digital Experience Studies

The J.D. Power Banking Digital Experience Studies explore adoption and satisfaction with the digital channels of leading banks. We offer 2 studies, which provide subscribers with the information they need to effect proper changes to their mobile apps and websites based on the voice of today’s banking customers.

  • J.D. Power Banking Mobile App Satisfaction Study
  • J.D. Power Banking Online Satisfaction Study

We pinpoint the factors that matter most to users of banking mobile apps and websites. The studies set quality benchmarks for banking digital channels, and provide a thorough understanding of the needs, expectations, and desires of today’s customers.

U.S. Banking Digital Experience Studies

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Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study

The J.D. Power Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study explores small business owners’ satisfaction with the largest financial institutions in the United States. You’ll gain a clear understanding of which banks perform well in managing relationships with small business customers and why.

U.S. Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study

Experts You Can Count On

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Keith Webster
President, Global Business Intelligence
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Jim Miller
Jim Miller
Vice President, Global Banking & Payments
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Paul McAdam
Paul McAdam
Senior Director, Banking Intelligence
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John Cabell
John Cabell
Managing Director of Payments Intelligence
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Dann Allen
Dann Allen
Senior Director, Banking and Payments Intelligence
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Jennifer White
Jennifer White
Senior Consultant, Banking and Payment Intelligence
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Bob Neuhaus
Bob Neuhaus
Vice President, Financial Services
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