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Competitive vehicle information in an instant

Our powerful vehicle pricing application is essential for product planners and pricing/marketing departments, allowing users to identify new market trends, make strategic product and pricing decisions and competitively compare new vehicles. Our proprietary data is the most comprehensive and accurate in North America and includes order-accurate configuration, pricing and an extensive list of features and technical specifications. 

Formerly a desktop app, AutoPlannerTM  has been updated to a web version that can be accessed from anywhere. In the process, we have overhauled the product to improve its user interface, performance and ease of data updates.  

J.D. Power Autodata Autoplanner

Analyze and capitalize

Approximately 90% of North American vehicle manufacturers depend on AutoPlanner for its robust vehicle data, analytics, software and research capabilities. With its unique built-in analytics and reporting engine, AutoPlannerTM  enables users to better understand the market and respond to changes in trends as they happen. 

You can easily integrate custom-defined vehicles with current production vehicles. Configuration and pricing rules are applied automatically along with data updates in real time. You can view and graph features and model data, making research and analysis easier than ever. Reports are quickly exportable for convenient analysis and sharing. 

Features and benefits

  • Define, report and respond quickly to the vehicle market  
  • Access the most up-to-date data with automated price and equipment updates in real time 
  • Integrate custom-defined future vehicles with current production vehicles 
  • New and improved user interface is intuitive and easy to use with access to help resources
  • Features are accessible in an enhanced and simple format 
  • Dataset includes GM, Ford and FCA medium duty vehicles 
  • Data entered is encrypted and secure through Okta authentication services and never shared
J.D. Power Autodata AutoPlanner


Compare Pad - Compare up to 30 vehicles at a time, viewing over 1,000 different features and attributes, as well as vehicle pricing.  

List Pad - Identify specific standard and optional features existing in the industry for a given vehicle type for analysis to see how they’re offered and priced. 

Trend Pad - Identifies features and how those features are available over time. 

Value Set - Used in conjunction with Compare Pad to assign a value to a given feature for price comparison. 

Feature Trend Report (Optional) - Create custom model segments and view trends of multiple features for those segments across multiple years. 

Create-A-Car (Optional) - Modify changes in pricing and features to help with long-term analysis and planning. 

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