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Deliver consistent, best-in-class sales and service experience for your customers

A poor sales or service experience can lead to a loss of confidence with your  brand, creating defectors and rejectors and resulting in the loss of revenue from vehicle sales and parts.

Improve the dealership experience by leveraging J.D. Power's proprietary SSI and CSI syndicated data, combined with J.D. Power's in-dealership consulting and customer experience programs. These programs effectively leverage syndicated sales and service best practices to improve the customer experience.

Our consultants provide the ability to analyze and address root-cause issues impacting dealer performance. Our solutions provide clients with the insight and business tools to ensure that strategies, business practices, and performance improvement initiatives are aligned with customer expectations. Provide leadership training, management workshops, and field staff training to help your team align their efforts with customer-centric principles. 

Research Solutions

Dealer Sales Rejecter Research

Helps dealers improve close rates by showing why consumers leave or reject a dealership showroom in favor of another one when shopping for a new vehicle. Sales rejecter research data provides tactical and insightful information to dealers to drive improvement in both retail sales and satisfaction.

Surveys customers to assess key sales processes to identify rejection issues

Identify consumer rejection reasons

Effect change and drive action through 1-on-1 store level discussion with expert facilitators 

Dealer Service Retention Research

Enables dealers and OEMs understand why service customers defect and where they go, how much they spend, how frequently they have their vehicle serviced, and the types of work they have performed

Assess reasons customers choose independent service centers over dealers

Review dealer’s potential to recapture service defectors

Assess dealer service department online presence

Sales and Service Mystery Shop

Provides “eyes and ears” for management to determine process compliance in every department with a variety of methodologies

Evaluate dealer sales and service process strengths and weaknesses

Compare dealer performance to J.D. Power benchmarks

Provide dealers with shopper feedback to make immediate process changes

SSI and CSI Mimics

Develops customer satisfaction and quality tracking programs that mimic J.D. Power syndicated benchmark studies to enable clients to identify issues and implement process and product improvements

Provide a pulse on how well automakers are meeting established industry benchmarks

Early Buyer/Fast Launch Feedback

Provides a proprietary Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution that collects feedback from buyers, rejecters, and avoiders shortly after a major redesign or launch

Informs on the measurement of a vehicle redesign or launch from all aspects, including marketing, quality, design, and the customer experience

Dealership Training and Certification

In-Dealer Consulting

Helps dealer group management to devise program objectives and scope, then qualifies, trains, and activates specialized consultants to conduct in-store visits

Access tailored action plans for improving key aspects of sales and/or service processes and integrating digital retail components to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience

IQS Dealer Assessments

Conducts in-dealership assessments that help to determine the impact of dealer operations and processes on perceived vehicle quality

Identify prioritized areas of opportunity accompanied by recommended best practices to help improve perceived vehicle quality

Dealer of Excellence

Recognizes dealers that achieve sales customer experience excellence and helps top-performing dealers differentiate themselves online and in their local markets

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Build customer trust by using Dealer of Excellence logo in advertising and merchandising efforts

Get additional referrals with J.D. Power recognition on and periodic press releases

Customer Experience

Contact Center Certification/Consulting

Blends insights and best practices, helping hundreds of companies benchmark their performance, improve customer service and satisfaction, and optimize operational activities by providing measurable, actionable analyses and recommendations for improvement.

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Directly addresses the performance your customers and management value most

Offers meaningful recognition by a trusted, credible source to boost awareness, sales, and profits

Optimizes call centers, a critical touch point in engaging customers and understanding and addressing their concerns

Customer Journey Analytics

Combines the power of Voice of the Customer data and operational behavior to enable a hyper focus on pain-points directly tied to transforming the customer experience and driving bottom-line results

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Optimize critical touch-points to retain customers

Utilize consumer experience and details around actual behavior to better connect consumers

Social Media and Text Analytics

Provide leading technological tools to help automakers leverage social media and text to improve the customer experience

Incorporate both social and text in the context of broader customer feedback into a best-in-class customer experience solution

Retail Tracking/Customer Experience Management

Focus on helping dealers better connect with customers and supporting dealer and customer engagement through the combination of the latest technology and analytical support

Focus on only the most vital elements that support a great customer experience

Understand brand gaps, identify areas for improvement and help measure that improvement

Sales, Service, and Digital Retail Consulting

Enhances the dealership experience through the design and execution of in-store consulting programs aimed at improving sales, service, and technology processes

Individual dealership receives customized support based on their store and needs, and in-store consulting efforts are fully aligned with brand customer experience initiatives

Digital Retail Assessments and Training

Offers a portfolio of solutions that helps dealers deliver the ideal online customer experience by capturing and analyzing the voice of the customer, evaluating key aspects of the dealer's online presence, identifying which shopping/purchase steps are addressed by each platform and how they are handled and providing the necessary training.

Digital Retail Assessment

Digital Retail System Customer Experience Measurement

Digital Retail Foundations

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