We help automotive clients deliver on expectations

With industry experts and proven methods that yield measurable improvements, we help develop a competitive advantage by integrating the Voice of the Customer into the areas of strategic planning, product development, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain operations, launch and production, and sales and service. Our independent, objective and data-driven approach:

Independent & Objective

Ability to provide objective feedback around best practices and effectively support development teams with cross-industry insights to provide a broader perspective of how to execute solutions

Experience & Knowledge

More than 125 factory assessments.Over 1,000 vehicle/component evaluations across 5 continents over 20 years. We integrate consumer research, industry knowledge, and real-world experience to drive actionable recommendations.

Consumer First Advocates

Utilize “Voice of the Customer” and market requirements to assure that products and processes are capable and focused on improving quality, customer satisfaction and ultimately the business metrics

Dedicated Global Team

A global automotive team made up of researchers, engineers, product planners, and retail consultants dedicated to helping our clients reach their objectives

Automotive Consulting Solutions

We offer solutions tailored to work within the framework of our client’s production systems, research and development centers, design studios and dealerships.

Quality System Development & Management

Improve product quality, lower warranty costs & improve customer satisfaction

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Technology Development & Implementation

Meet customer demand & expectations on vehicle technology

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Contenting Optimization

Equip planners with data to meet customer expectations while reducing costs

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Production Process & Quality Improvements

Improving production quality & efficiency

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Retail Research, Certification & Training

Provide consistent, best-in-class sales and service experiences

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J.D. Power Automotive Products and Solutions

Product Planning, Manufacturing & Engineering

Quality System Development & Management

Is your goal to improve product quality, lower warranty costs, and improve customer satisfaction throughout your product portfolio?

An effective quality system requires organization-wide alignment of well-established KPIs.

J.D. Power uses its proprietary data and experienced consultants to drive process and product improvements at all levels of the product development cycle.

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KPI development and alignment with customer expectations

New product development (benchmarking & evaluation)

Current product support (evaluation, countermeasure development, & tracking)

Technology Development & Implementation

Is the technology in your vehicles meeting the demand and expectations of customers?

OEMs and suppliers often struggle to keep up with the ever-changing expectations consumers have with the technology in their vehicle.  Successfully integrating the right technological advancements into automotive products requires a precise balance between user-friendliness and innovation.

J.D. Power consultants combine years of experience with syndicated and proprietary data to help our clients design, develop, and implement user-friendly technologies that meet consumer's needs.

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User interface & user experience (UI/UX) development

Mobile application development (benchmarking & evaluation)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (benchmarking & evaluation)

Contenting Optimization for Profitablity & Sales Performance

Are your product planners equipped with the best data to meet customer expectations while also reducing costs?

Unnecessary build complexity increases costs, manufacturing variation, and makes it more difficult for customers to match their needs/wants with inventory.  Offering products that meet customer expectations, while also minimizing complexity, requires a unique combination of data and expertise.

J.D. Power uses proprietary build configuration data, syndicated VoC data, and ad-hoc consumer research to match customer wants/desires with an efficient and cost effective packaging/contenting strategy.

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Vehicle planning optimization

Build configuration optimization

Production Process & Quality Improvements

Do you need help improving quality and efficiency within your production process?

Our process improvement consulting engagements are designed to improve a client’s marketplace performance and resultant financial success. The technique to achieving this can be directly correlated to ensuring the product is correctly and consistently assembled to customer satisfaction target requirements – in a more coordinated, accurate, timely and cost effective manner.

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Production system assessment & improvement support 

Quality information system (QIS) assessment & enhancement

Launch readiness assessment

Transportation & processing system assessment

Retail Solutions

Dealership Research, Certification & Training

Does your dealer network provide a consistent, best-in-class sales and service experience for your customers?

A poor sales or service experience can lead to a loss of confidence with the brand, creating defectors and rejectors and resulting in the loss of revenue from vehicle sales and parts.

Improve the dealership experience by leveraging J.D. Power's proprietary SSI and CSI syndicated data, combined with J.D. Power's in-dealership consulting programs. These programs effectively leverage syndicated sales and service best practices to improve the customer experience. J.D. Power retail consultants, who have a broad range of retail experience in improving customer satisfaction, provide the ability to analyze and address root-cause issues impacting dealer performance.

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Sales & service rejector and defector research

Dealership training and certification

Customer experience management

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Experts You Can Count On

Doug Betts_300
Doug Betts
President, Automotive Division
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Geoffrey Mortimber Lamb
Geoffrey Mortimer-Lamb
Vice President, Product Consulting
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Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton
Vice President, Automotive Retail
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