Automotive Consulting Solutions

Bringing Action to the Voice of the Customer

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We help automotive clients deliver on expectations

With industry experts and proven methods that yield measurable improvements, we help develop a competitive advantage by integrating the Voice of the Customer into the areas of strategic planning, product development, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain operations, launch and production, and sales and service.

"The definition of vehicle quality has evolved. Vehicle owners now expect defect-free vehicles that are also designed to meet their expectations."

Our independent, objective and data-driven approach

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Independent & Objective

Ability to speak openly to drive change and effectively support manufacturing teams who may be too familiar with existing production system practices


Experience & Knowledge

More than 125 factory assessments in 20+ countries for 18+ years. Real world plant floor experience and extensive global factory knowledge

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Consumer Advocates

Utilize “Voice of the Customer” and other market requirements to assure that manufacturing operations are capable and focused on the critical issues

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Dedicated Global Team

100% dedicated to evaluating and improving production facilities as well as leading and helping to implement changes that deliver measurable improvements 

Experts You Can Count On

Doug Betts
Doug Betts
President, Automotive Division
Doug's Bio
Josh Halliburton
Joshua Halliburton
Vice President Global Consulting & Head of European Operations
Joshua's Bio
Geoffrey Mortimber Lamb
Geoffrey Mortimer-Lamb
Vice President, Product Consulting
Geoffrey's Bio
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton
Vice President, Automotive Retail
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